darkest winter web size10Limeburners Winter Solstice Tasting

featuring 5 heavily peated whiskies
presented by Ambassador Anthony Leadbetter
alongside Scottish Solstice themed 

In the top three longest running Australian distilleries, Limeburners now resides in three locations in Western Australia: Albany, Margaret River and Porongurup.

Two events have recently brought us back to Limeburners which has amazed us with it’s continued enthusiasm and ability to march on, producing some increasingly better malts.

The first event was the 2016 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards where our own Julian White was appointed judge and came away gobsmacked at the quality of a peated whisky that was tasted blind and they awarded a Gold. It’s not until the following weeks that the award was announced and the distillery revealed (weeks of speculation had passed). In this instance Limeburners caught our attention.

The second event was most recent when a family member visited Margaret River and offered to pickup a bottle from the distillery for us. It was not until this time did we realise the demand and price of Limeburners peated whiskies.

This tasting is one of a kind and we hope that you are able to join us for a celebration of the Winter Solstice with the Limeburners Peated Range!

Monday 19th June 2017 @ 6.30pm
Hosted at Melbourne Whisky Room
$99 per person
Presented by Anthony Leadbetter of Limeburners Distillery


Scottish Winter Solstice themed canapés

Limeburners Peated cask 48% RRP $250
Limeburners Darkest Winter 2nd Rel. 63.9% RRP $320
Limeburners Heavy Peat 61% RRP $700
Limeburners Directors Cut Peated Port Cask 61% RRP $550
Limeburners Peated Sherry Cask 61% (not yet released) RRP $350