Thursday 17th of November at 6pm: No bookings necessary

When given the chance to meet Mark Reynier’s brother in arms, we just couldn’t say no! Here Bruichladdich tell the tale of a man who has avoided the limelight, yet played one of the biggest roles in progressive Scotch Whisky. Better than we could tell this tale, we recommend you scroll down for an insight to Simon Coughlin.

Simon will join us at the bar Thursday 17th November at 6pm for an hour with a bottle of his prized Bruichladdich whisky on pour for anyone who cares to join him. This is a rare (and free) opportunity. This is not a ticketed event. Simply join us at the bar and introduce yourself to Simon who will be seated at a reserved table and will pour you a complimentary Bruichladdich whisky. We hope to see you there!